• Manual Mode – 20 steps escalating
  • AED Mode – 150J into a 50Ω load.
  • Reusable External Paddle (Adult, Pediatric) & Multifunction Defib. Pads
  • ECG Monitoring Mode (3 Lead, 5 Lead), SpO2 Monitoring
  • Heart Rate & SpO2 Alarm System
  • Automatic and operator initiated self tests





ECG Lead Select


Maxiumum Shock

Output Energy



Energy Accuracy

Charge Time

Shock Delivery


Patient impedance

AED Mode

Synchronous Cardioversion

Voice & Text

Prompts (AED)


I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V, Paddle/Pads, Ext ECG

Truncated Exponential Biphasic


Manual:  1~10J, 15j, 20J, 30J, 50J, 70J, 100, 120, 150J, 170J, 200J

AED Mode (Single energy output):  150J

Internal Paddle::  1~10J, 15J, 20J, 30J, 50J

1~10J : ±2J, 15~200J : ±15%

Less than 12 seconds to 200 Joules

Via multifunction defib electrode pads

External paddle (pediatric) or internal paddle (pediatric)

Shock Range : 25Ohm ~ 175Ohm

Shock advisory sensitivity and specificity meet AAMI DF-80 guidelines

Pads or External paddle, External ECG input

Voice & text prompts guide the user through the protocol

All the user interfaces are supported in local language for easy use and access

ECG Monitor:




Lead Fault


Heart Rate Display

ECG size

Heart Rate Alarm


Lead I,II, III obtained through 3-lead ECG cable separate monitoring electrodes

With 5-lead cable obtain leads I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, or V

“Lead Fault” message and dashed line displayed, if an electrode or lead wire becomes disconnected.

30 to 300bpm (±3bpm)

5, 10, 20mm/mV and Auto-gain

Less than Minimum setting rate / Over the Maximum setting rate

SpO2 Pulse Oximetry (Nellcor)


Pulse Rate



70-100% (± 3 digits)

20-250bpm (±3bpm)


Less than Miniumum setting rate / Over than maxiumum setting rate

Power source

Internal Battery – Rechargeable / 12V 4.2Ah Nickel-Metal Hydride battery pack

Capacity – when new, minimum of 200 shock deliveries (200J)

Minimum of 4 hours for full charging

External Battery Pack – Disposable /12V 4200mAH Lithium battery pack

Capacity – when new, minimum of 200 shock deliveries (200J)

AC/DC Adapter – Input : 100 – 240V AC 50/60Hz 170VA

Output – DC 12V, 3.6A

Car Cigar Lighter

Jack DC 12V


Dimensions  – Without external paddle : 254* 365*105(mm)

With External paddle :  455*365*105(mm)

Weight; 3.5kg (without Paddle)

Environmental Requirement





Operation: 0°C ~ 40°C

Storage: -20°~ 60°C

5% ~ 95%

Data Storage & Management

Internal flash memory: 12 hours of event and ECG recording

SmartMedia Card (32M): 42 hours of event and ECG recording or 1 hour if voice recording is enabled.

Transmit multi patient data to PC  UART/ IrDA


LCD Dimensions – 4” diagonal (80mm*60mm)

High Resolution Mono Graphic LCD
Resolution – 320* 240 pixels

Wave Viewing Time – 3.2 seconds (ECG)

Sweep Speed – 25mm/sec

Back light –  EL Back Light

Automated Self-Test

– Power On Self-Test / Run Time Self-Test / Manual Test

– Periodic Self-Tests (daily / weekly / monthly)

Standard Accessories

–   Device

–   External Paddle (Adult, pediatric)

–   3-lead ECG Cable

–   Power cord

–   AC Adapter

–   Internal Battery (Ni-MH)

–   User’s Guide

Optional Accessories

–   Date Card (SMC 32M)

–   Thermal Printer

–   Printer Paper (10 rolls)

–   Cigar Lighter Jack for Car

–   Multifunction Defib. Pads

–   Adapter for Defib. Pads

–   5-Lead ECG Cable

–   ECG Electrodes (50EA)

–   SPO2 Module Set (Probe, Extension Cable)

–   Disposable Battery Pack (lim02)

–   IrDA Adapter for Data Communication

–   Software for Data Management with Key File (UART cable included)

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