Intended for use in treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and hypoxemia syndrome triggered by OSA in patient.

  • Larger colorful screen supplying friendly interaction.
  • Exclusive EPS pressure variation algorithm, remarkably improving patient comfort and increasing compliance.
  • Masking fitting function, make the machine to compatible for all kind of mask in the market
  • Optional SpO2 Kit supply the more information of the treatment during the whole night
  • Enhanced dynamic pressure stability effectively reduce the patient’s work of breathing
  • ResView management software allows easy management of patient treatment
  • Built-in clock and alarm giving you the regular treating period
  • Power failure alert ensure the therapeutic process safety
  • Compact design with built-in humidifier Suitable for travelling
  • Higher water/dust protection grade, make device more durable
  • Automatic leakage & altitude pressure compensation ensure therapy pressure
  • Quiet delivery of the required pressure guaranteeing sleep continuity
  • Ramp Function make user falling asleep more comfortably
  • Dual backflow prevention technology providing higher protection
  • Auto Start & Auto Stop & Display with backlit convenient for operation
  • Tube drying technology reduces the condensation in the tubing and mask
  • Enjoy the latest updating system by the Remote SD card upgrading function at any time anywhere.


Technical Specifications

Product Series

CPAP Series

Mode of Operation


Power Supply

AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, <90VA





Water Capacity

>350ml, in max scale

Pressure Range

4-20cmH2O, 0.5cmH2O increments

Pressure Accuracy:


Sound Pressure Level


Standard Compliance

IEC60601-1; IEC60601-1-2; ISO17510-1; ISO8185

Operation Environment Range

Temperature: +5℃~ +35℃

Humidity: 10% ~ 95%( Non-condensing)

Ramp Time


Outer covering protection grade


Maximum limited pressure during single fault condition

Maximum flow 125L/min
Integrated Humidifier Heater setting 1-6 Level
Recommended mask leakage 20 to 40 litres /min at 10 cmH2O

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