Functions & Features:

The Ventilator is newly developed portable unit, suitable for respiratory management of full anesthestic condition. Light, small and movable, used for patient Pediatric and Adult. It can work together with anesthesitic ventilation system and perform closed, semi- closed and semi-open respiratory management.

With necessary monitoring and alarm functions, to make sure the operation safety.
With international connector, can be matched with various brands of anesthesia machines.


Driven mode Pneumatically driven electronically controlled
Respiration mode IPPV, Manual
Display High light LED display
Tidal volume 50 ~ 1500ml
Breath frequency 1 ~ 90BPM
I:E ratio 4:1 ~ 1:6
Monitor parameter Tidal volume
Minute ventilation
Breath frequency
I:E ratio
Alarm Tidal volume high alarm
Tidal volume low alarm
Minute ventilation high alarm
Minute ventilation low alarm
Gas supply O2 or Medical Air
Gas Supply pressure: 0.25~0.65Mpa


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