Hot air Sterilizer DGF

Functions & Features:

  • Microcomputer intelligent digital temperature control, accurate and stable, can display the set temperature and chamber interior temperature, it has alarm function for excess temperature, electric leakage, sensor fault as well as timing function;
  • Low noise fan and suitable duct to form the hot air circulating system, heated dry air directly act on objects to dry and disinfect;
  • The thermostatic air blowing dryer is series product, spec and model is divided according to different volume, see appendix for details;
  • Temp resolution:0.1℃;
  • Temp accuracy:±0.1℃;
  • Temp fluctuation:±1℃;
  • Timing range:1~9999min;


Parameters DHG-9030(A) DHG-9050(A) DHG-9070(A) DHG-9140(A) DHG-9240(A) DHG-9423(A) DHG-9623(A) DHG-9999(A)
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz AC380V 50Hz
Temp Range RT+10~250℃
Input Power 550W 800W 1100W 1550W 2050W 3500W 4000W 6000W
Volume 30L 50L 80L 136L 220L 420L 620L 1000L
Interior Dimensions 340×320×320 420×395×350 450×400×450 550×450×550 600×500×750 640×585×1355 840×600×1355 1000×600×1600
Overall Dimensions 620×530×490 720×590×520 740×618×630 840×670×730 880×720×930 780×750×1880 980×800×1880 1140×800×2150
Shelf (standard) 2(pcs) 3(pcs) 4(pcs) 5(pcs)
Remarks It is stainless steel work chamber which marked with “A”.

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