Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer (Automatic)

Functions & Features:

  • Fully stainless high-alloy steel structure
  • Digital display of working status, touch of key
  • Manual or semi-automatic control
  • Auto discharge the cool air, and steam discharging automatically after sterilization
  • Automatically shut off with beep reminding after sterilization
  • The accident protection system
  • Automatic off of heating elements at reducing of a water level
  • Blocking top cover at working
  • Blockage of starting at opening
  • Heater protection sensor
  • Pressure and water level control
  • With three stainless steel sterilizing baskets
  • Easy to operate, safe and reliable
  • The drying system is optional, which can be equipped according to the customer’s request.


Model technical data HVS-35D
Valid volume 35L(φ318×450)mm 50L(φ340×550)mm 75L(φ400×600)mm 100L(φ440×650)mm
working pressure 0.22MPa
Working temperature 134ºC
Max working pressure 0.23 Mpa
Heat average ≤±1ºC
Timer 0~99min or 0~99hour
Adjustment of temperature 105~134ºC
Power 2.5kW/AC220V 50Hz 3kW/AC220V 50Hz 4.5kW/AC220V 50Hz
Overall dimension 450×450×750(mm) 500×530×980(mm) 560×560×980(mm) 590×590×1080(mm)
Transport dimension 570×550×970(mm) 590×590×1120(mm) 650×630×1150(mm) 680×650×1220(mm)
N/G.W. 45/65Kg 50/80Kg 70/100Kg 85/115Kg

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