Functions & Features:

This intelligent product is designed for big-middle hospital.

It has the features including: pure cutting, blend 1, blend 2, blend 3, monopolar contact coagulation, monopolar standard coagulation , monopolar spray coagulation, bipolar standard coagulation, bipolar accurate coagulation and so on. Monopolar electrode can be hand or foot-controlled, while bipolar electrode can be automatic and foot controlled. The system can automatic switch between monopolar and bipolar. The output power can be digital displayed. Output sound level can be adjusted. The malfunction can be self-diagnosed by the system, and error code will be displayed, with visual and audio alarm. The system has NE CONTINUITY MONITOR, intended for connection to an NE (single plates),providing an alarm in the event of electrical discontinuity in the NE cable or its connections. As well as Neutral electrode contact quality monitor (CQM), intended for connection to a MONITORING NE (split plates) providing an alarm in the event that NE contact with the PATIENT becomes insufficient. This system can be used together with the endoscope, to perform endoscopic surgery.

It is intended for general surgery, orthopedic surgery, chest surgery, cardiovascular surgery, gynecology, urology, tumor, gastroenterology, neurology and so on.



Surgical mode Cutting Coagulation Bipolar
Pure Blend 1 Blend 2 Blend 3 Coag 1 Coag 2 Coag 3 Bipo 1 Bipo 2
Rated Power 350W 250W 200W 200W 200W 200W 100W 70W 70W
Rated Load 500Ω 500Ω 500Ω 500Ω 500Ω 500Ω 500Ω 150Ω 150Ω

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