SURTRON® FLASH 200 is a proper diathermo-coagulater to monopolar or bipolar precise surgery.


SURTRON® FLASH 200, allows to effect surgical minimally invasive treatment of resection, evaporisation and coagulation with programmable delivery time as short as thousandths of a second or for the whole time requested by a handpiece or a footswitch.


SURTRON® FLASH 200, through the selection of the functions, it lets to effect pure (CUT), coagulated-cut with different modulation duty-cycle (CUT 90%-CUT 80 %-CUT 70 %-BLEND), surface coagulation (FORCED COAG), depth coagulation in absence of carbonization (SOFT COAG) and, with special adapter, bipolar coagulation (BIPOLAR).

The digital reading of the delivered power and the overseeing through microcontroller of the operational functions, assure the absolute reliability of the conditions of job.


SURTRON® FLASH 200, by the ergonomic and safety solutions utilised, allows a highly professional surgery. It is continually monitored the connection of neutral electrode and, if a split neutral electrode is used, the impedance of the neutral electrode/patient contact is shown.

The possibility to control by the handle the output functions, as well as the output power delivery, allows to implement the surgical operation without turning away the surgeon attention from the surgical field.



  • Plate/patient circuit watching
  • Delivery time watching
  • Output power watching
  • Self analysis


Main Features:

Maximum output power CUT (W) 200 → 250Ω
Maximum output power CUT 90% (W) 200 → 250Ω
Maximum output power CUT 80% (W) 200 → 250Ω
Maximum output power CUT 70% (W) 200 → 250Ω
Maximum output power BLEND (W) 120 → 200Ω
Maximum output power FORCED COAG (W) 150 → 150Ω
Maximum output power SOFT COAG (W) 90 → 100Ω
Maximum output power BIPOLAR (W) 100 → 100Ω
Working frequency 600 kHz
Mains voltage (Vac) 115 –230
Mains frequency (Hz) 50-60
Electrical class (EN60601-1) I CF
Neutral electrode -F-
Weight Kg 8
Size HxLxD mm 360x150x265

Standard Accessories

Electrosurgical unit code 10300.40A
Bipolar selector •/1
Cable for neutral plate disposable/5365 •/1
Disposable split neutral electrode •/2
DisposableNeutral electrode •/2
Disposable blade electrode length 7 cm •/3
Disposable ball electrode length 7cm •/3
Disposable needle electrode length 7cm •/3
Steel neutral electrode size 120×160 mm  

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