ECG Electrocardiography PM80 Handheld with SPO2

PM80 Portable ECG Monitor mainly faces families and individuals. It can record, analyze and display ECG waveform when consumers hearts are exceptional, catching exceptional ECG waveform, providing gist for diagnosing. The product isn’t belong to medical device, only used to detect ECG momentarily.

Main Features of a ECG PM80 Handheld with SPO2

  • 3.5-inch color TFT touch-screen.
  • Adopting built-in electrode can observe single-lead ECG waveform fast.
  • Continuous ECG monitoring mode.
  • Achieving separate ECG,Oximeter collection and mixed collection.
  • Analyse accurately, display intuitionistic and pellucid.
  • Integrated case manage function, review, delete, storage case.
  • TF mass memory medium.
  • Carry through diversified settings according to user needs.
  • Have divers form system tools, in order to provide more close service to user.
  • Have mass rechargeable li-polymer battery.

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