Mattress Cordoba Cover BD073

The Cordoba cover is a floral print mattress cover that has been specifically designed to cover hospital mattresses. Hospitals require mattresses that are waterproof and can withstand fluid spills including blood and urine spills. The Cordoba cover prevents these types of fluids from reaching the foam of the mattress.

The Cordoba cover zips off and can be washed separately from the foam inner. It can withstand up to 50 washes at 95⁰C whilst retaining it’s waterproof properties.

Optional feature: this mattress can be manufactured with slits in various divisions for adjustable beds.

The Cordoba cover is also dust mite proof.



This mattress is ideal for use in:

  • Private Clinics and Hospitals
  • State Hospitals and Institutions
  • High Care Facilities
  • Frail Care Facilities
  • Facilities for the Aged/Care Facilities

All mattress inners are made from solid, high density, virgin polyurethane foam or ‘sandwich’ option, with or without a profiled top for pressure relief.


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