Jaundice Detector HJD Transcutaneous

Main requirement:

  • Measurement: light reflective
  • LED; Light source: LED
  • Display:LCD
  • Indication error:0~25mg/dL± 1.0mg/dL
  • Power: Lithium battery(DC3.6V,1000mAh±20%),after a fully charged can check Measuring more than 800 times;
  • Check color screen: white end face is 0, the yellow end face 16.0± 1.0


Main Function:

  • Can displayed separately mg /dL, umol/L in the meantime.
  • Data storage: can storage 200 measuring date.
  • Calculating the average function: It has the function that measuring 2-5 times, then workout the
  • average automatically.
  • Open Preparation time: boot, no need to prepare
  • Battery voltage detection function: it will be displayed “Low Battery” when the battery voltage less than 3 .6V.
  • Automatic shutdown after the non-working state, for 10 minutes: automatic shutdown function
  • Battery display:Top right corner of the viewing screen display
  • It respectively means the left battery electric quantity is about 100%,75%,50%,25%,0%.
  • charging display: The viewing screen will be lighten and displayed “Charging..” during charging.
  • charging automatic protection function: It will stop charging automatically at the time battery voltage charging arrive 4.2V±0.05V.

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