Infant Incubator H-2000

Standard Composition

  • Servo Control Mode: air temp, skin temp.
  • Instant Parameter Displaying: set temp, air temp, skin temp, heater power rate.
  • Audible & Visual Alarms: power failure, sensor failure, higher & lower temp, air& skin temp override, fan failure, system failure
  • >37°C Pre-set Mode: power failure reset memory, alarm silence, keypad lock, self-test function.
  • Hood with dual slope: 6 hand-ports; left & right cabinets, top-shelf.
  • RS-232 Output Connector (Use for network system).


Power Model H-2000-1E 110 / 120 V ac, 50Hz / 60Hz
Model H-2000-2E 220 / 240 V ac, 50Hz / 60Hz
Power Input ≤400VA
Refer to IEC60601-1, this equipment belongs to ClassI, Type BF
Its operation is continuous
Alarm Power Alarm Power Failure: Activates if primary power to the Incubator fails or the power wire is accidentally disconnected from the wall receptacle
Fan Alarm Fan Failure: Activates if Fan motor malfunctions
Sensor Alarm Air Sensor Failure: Air Sensor malfunction, refer unit to service
Sensor Out of Position: Activated when Sensor is not in correct position to perform calibration or continue operation
Skin Sensor Disconnected: Activated during Skin Control Mode when Skin Sensor is disconnected from Temperature Controller
Skin Sensor Failure: Activated when Skin Sensor malfunctions
Deviation Alarm High Air Temperature: Activated if displayed Air Temperature is 15°C above set point
Low Air Temperature: Activated if displayed Air Temperature is 25°C below set point
High Skin Temperature: Activated if displayed Skin Temperature is 10°C above set point
Low Skin Temperature: Activated if displayed Skin Temperature is 10°C below set point
Over Temperature Alarm Over Air Temperature: Activated when displayed Air Temperature was approach 38°C for set temperature ≤37°C, or approach 40°C for set temperature >37°C in Air Mode
Over Skin Temperature: Activated when displayed Skin Temperature was approach 38°C for set temperature ≤37°C, or approach 39°C for set temperature >37°C in Skin Mode
System Alarm System Failure: Activated if Temperature Control System malfunctions
Temperature Control Range and Correlative Specifications Air Temperature 20°C~37°C,for set temperature ≤37°C, 37°C~39°C, for set temperature >37°C
Skin Temperature 20°C~37°C,for set temperature ≤37°C, 37°C~38°C, for set temperature >37°C
Temperature Rise Time ≤30min
Temperature Variability ±0.5°C
Temperature Uniformity ≤1°C
Skin Sensor Precision ≤0.3°C
Environment Requirement Environment Temperature Operation Temperature Range +20°C~+30°C
Store Temperature Range -40°C~+55°C
Environment Humidity Operation Humidity Range 30%~75%
Store Humidity Range 10%~100%
Atmospheric Pressure Range 700hPa~1060hPa
Noise Level Within Hood Environment ≤55dB(Environment noise below 45dB)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Level within the Hood Less than 0.5% when a mixture of CO2 in air is delivered at 750ml/min at a point 10cm above the center of the mattress
Air Velocity Over Mattress less than 0.3m/s
Infant Bed Max Load 10kg
Transfusion Shelf Max Load 2kg
Cabinet Max Load 6kg
Function of “SILENCE” Key Make the alarm to be silence for 10 minutes by press this key Deviation Alarm
Sensor Alarm
Fan Alarm
Factory Default Settings Temperature Control Mode Air Temperature Mode
Air Set Temperature: 32°C
Skin Set Temperature: 34°C
Temperature Units:°C

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