Infant Incubator H-4500

Product Description:

  • ABS main body;
  • LCD display screen, easily setting, clear and intuitive;
  • Air temperature display and servo control;
  • Skin temperature display and servo control, double skin temperature sensor;
  • Humidity display and servo control;
  • Display time and heater power;
  • 24 hours Parametric trend diagram display;
  • Audible & Visual Alarms: power failure, sensor failure, higher & lower temp, air & skin temperature override, fan failure, low water level, system failure;
  • >37ºC Preset Mode: power failure reset memory,alarm silence, self-test function;
  • Hood with single slope, big front door, 6 access ports, 4 tube grommet;
  • 2 Storage cabinets, Protective guard rail, IV poles;
  • RS-232 Output Connector (use for network system);
  • Optional Pulse Oximeter monitor system;
  • Optional oxygen concentration measure and control system;
  • Optional ECG system;
  • Optional baby weight scale system;
  • Audio, video, and network interfaces are reserved for data and function extensions


1 . Air temperature:
Air temperature display range: 0℃-60℃; Air temperature control range: 20.0℃-37.0℃, 37.1℃-39.0℃, Air temperature accuracy: ≤±0.3℃; Air temperature deviation alarm: ±3.0℃.
2 . Skin temperature:
Skin temperature display range: 0℃-60℃; Skin temperature control range: 20.0℃-37.0℃, 37.1℃-38.0℃; Skin temperature accuracy :≤±0.3℃; Skin temperature deviation alarm: ±1.0℃.
3. Humidity
Humidity display range: 0%–99%RH; Humidity control range: 30%–95%; Humidity control accuracy: (10% – 90% at 20 – 40℃)±5%RH.
4. Oxygen concentration (Optional)
Oxygen concentration setting range: 21%-65%, Oxygen concentration display range: 18%-99%, Oxygen concentration display accuracy: 2%, Oxygen concentration control accuracy: 3%
5. Baby weight scale(Optional)
Weight range: 500g-10kg, Weight accuracy: ±10g, Display trend diagram of baby weight
6. Pulse Oximeter monitor (Optional)
SpO2: measure range 0-100%, display resolution 1%; Pulse rate (PR): measure range 25-250bpm, display resolution 1bpm; Perfusion index(PI): measure range 0-20%, display resolution 0.001%; Variability index: measure range 0-100%, display resolution 1%.
7. ECG (Optional)

ECG measure range: 0.15mV-5.5mV , ECG measure accuracy: 2.36uV/LSB , Breath measure range: 15-120rpm, Heart rate measure range: 15-300bpm , Heart rate measure accuracy: ±1bpm, Body temperature measure range: 0-50℃, Body temperature measure accuracy: 0.1℃


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