Infant Phototherapy H-360 Unit

Product feature:

  • Adopts 360’dimensional phototherapy features to ensure uniform irradiation , large if radiation area, and high intensely treatment.
  • can effectively reducing the risk of blood transfusion of neonates, especially suitable for neonates sufferings from jaundice severely.
  • Soft and comfortable transparent mesh mattress prevent patient from bedsore availably and protect neonate’s skin besides, the lower blue light can penetrate the bed adequately which increase the curative effect.
  • The treatment and hospitalization time can be massively shortened; and the beds in ward available for more urgent patients.


Performance Parameters
Display 5.1 inch color touch LCD screen
Air temperature 5 ºC~65ºC
Skin temperature 5 ºC~65ºC
Working noise ≤55db
Service life of light source ≥50000hours
Light source blue LED
Irradiation intensity 5.0mW/cm2
Peak wavelength 455~460nm
Alarm function
Upper limit for skin temperature alarm 33 ºC ~39 ºC (adjustable)
Lower limit for skin temperature alarm -3ºC
Alarm for high air temperature
Notifcation for high air temperature
Alarm for low air temperature
Alarm for the end of treatment
Bed pull-out alarm 10min
Power failure alarm
operating environment
Ambient temperature +20 ºC~ +28 ºC
Humidity 30% ~ 75%
Storage ambient temperature -40ºC~+55ºC
Storage humidity ≤93%

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