Nebuliser ClineB Aerosol


  • CLINEB is a professional piston compressor nebulizer for aerosol therapy.
  • Indicated for intensive treatments in clinics or hospitals, its design includes a large compartment for convenient storage of accessories and medications.
  • Provided with pressure gauge and indicator.


MODEL  Clineb
Compressor Oil-less and maintenance-free piston pump
Power Feeding 230 V-50 Hz
Power consumption 184 VA
Max Pressure 2,5 bar 36 psi 250 Kpa
Operating Pressure 1,3 bar 18,9 psi 130 Kpa
Max Air Flow 16 L/min
Operating Air Flow 5,2 L/min
Neb-rate with 4 ml solution 0,5 ml/min
Mass Median Aerodinamic Diameter 3,25 µm (MMAD)
Respirable Fraction (< 5μm) > 70 %
Noise Level (EN 13544-1 Standard) 56 dB
Weight 2,25 Kg
Size (Main Unit) cm 23x19x16
Place of Manufacturing Italy
Standard Accessories
HI-FLO Jet Nebulizer
Adult Masks with elastic strings
Child Masks with elastic strings
Nosepiece (non invasive)
Air Tube
Air Filter



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