Full digital ultrasound HV-1 Veterinary

Functions & Features:

  • Veterinary Medical Equipment HV-1 Vet Veterinary Fully Digital Portable Handheld Ultrasound machine
  • HV-1 ultrasound system gathers the latest digital system architecture to provide high-quality two-dimensional images. Compared with traditional desktop and portable B/W products, it has more compact body and convenient features which will make it play a greater role in the field of veterinary.
  • It is suitable for pigs, dogs, cats, sheep, cattle, horses, and other animals.
  • Perfect Ergonomic Design
  • Compact, sophisticated, portable
  • 5.6-inch LED display
  • Light weight body
  • Soft switching on/off
  • User-friendly operation interface
  • Simple and beautiful operation panel
  • Fast, convenient, and flexible touch-type keyboard operation.
  • Software for different animals, cat,dog,horse, cattle and so on Standard configuration:
  • Aluminum plastic multi-layer package
  • Rechargeable battery


Configuration Optional
 Machine (including a lithiun-ion battery)  7.5HZ high frequency linear probe
 3.5HZ electronic convex array probe
(scanning depth:57-230mm,15 levels adjustable)
 6.5MHZ rectal probe
 Use’s Manual  7.5MHZ back fat probe
 Adapter  5.0MHZ micro convex probe
 8G TF Memory card  lithiun-ion battery
 Car adapter
 External charger
 Horseshoe converter

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