Patient Monitor JR2000B-2 & Nibp/Spo2/Temp/ECG/RES

The JR2000B patient monitor is easy to carry, with a 800x 600, 8inch color TFT-LCD screen. Size of main unit is 175x 210mm, thickness is 80mm, weight of main unit with battery is 1.35KG



Standard parameters:

  • Type Arrhythmic Analysis
  • Multi_Lead ECG Waveforms Display in Phase
  • Real-time S_T segment analysis
  • pacemaker detection Drug calculation and titration table
  • Efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator and electrosurgical cautery
  • SPO2 can testing for 0.1% Weak;
  • RA-LL impedance Respiration;
  • Trend Coexist Display;
  • OxyCRG DyNamic View Display;
  • Bed to Bed view Display;
  • Networking capacity and nurse_calling system;
  • Options of printing,EtCO2;
  • UP to 4 hours working capacity of built_in rechargeable battery;
  • 12.1″ high resolution color TFT LCD display;
  • Large volume of tabular and graphic trends information storage and easy to recall;
  • Anti-ESU, anti- defibrillator;
  • Capture dynamic waveforms.

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