Product Description

Individually blister sealed needles with guide tubes

  • Sterile
  • Stainless steel
  • Box of 100 needles

ENERGY acupuncture needles are designed to perform to the highest safety band reliability standards. Every single step of production is strictly controlled, from raw material inspection to the final product testing, including quality controls during manufacturing, polishing and sterilization.

The Acupuncture Needle tip is sharpened and polished to ensure consistency and provide ultimate sharpness, thus delivering a painless and efficient acupuncture treatment.



Sizes Nappi Code
13mm x 0.22mm 212471-001
13mm x 0.25mm 212473-001
13mm x 0.30mm 212474-001
25mm x 0.22mm 212475-001
25mm x 0.25mm 212476-001
25mm x 0.30mm 212477-001
30mm x 0.25mm 212478-001
30mm x 0.35mm 212479-001
40mm x 0.30mm 212480-001
40mm x 0.35mm 212481-001
50mm x 0.30mm 212631-001
50mm x 0.35mm 212632-001
60mm x 0.30mm 212633-001
75mm x 0.30mm 212634-001
75mm x 0.35mm 212635-001
100mm x 0.30mm 212636-001
100mm x 0.35mm 212637-001

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