Functions & Features:

In theory, losing weight is quite simple: you just have to burn more calories than you consume. For many people that’s easier said than done, but with the Omron CaloriScan in your pocket you keep constant track of how many calories you have burnt.

Unlike other monitors, the Omron CaloriScan calculates the amount of energy you burn from all your daily activities, even resting. Whether you’re running, doing the housework or just sitting at a desk, its 3D sensor detect each and every movement, and calculate the calories you’ve burned precisely. it fits easily in your pocket or handbag so you can use it anytime, anywhere.



  • 3D Sensor
  • Activity KCal counter
  • Burned fat counter
  • 7 days memory
  • Distance Counter
  • Daily step counter
  • 24 hour clock
  • Strap
  • Fits in your pocket

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