Major & Auxiliary Luminescence HL-1205 Shadowless Lamp

In HL-1205 major & auxiliary luminescence shadowless lamp, the temperature rise on the surface under illumination is low, the shadowless level is high and illumination adjustable. It is fit for surgical operations on deep parts of human body in hospitals as well as surgical operations of transplantation and others. In conducting ordinary surgical operations, the major or auxiliary lamp may be used separately.

Mode HL-1205
Illumination of Main lamp Lx 160000≥EC≥120000
Illumination of Supple mentary lamp Lx 160000≥EC≥50000
Color Temperature 4000±500
Color rendering index 100≥Ra≥85
Depth of light beam ≥500
The value of the total irradiance(service range for temperature rise≤10ºC) <6mW/m²x
Total irradiance(Temperature rise on the head of patient under surgical operation≤2ºC) ≤600W/m²
Power supply AC 220 V± 1050Hz
Rated Voltage of Bulb AC24V
Rated Power of Bulb 425W
Input power 500VA

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