High Frequency Digital Radiography HDR50 system


  • X-ray generator
  • Rich DR upgrade reserve interface
  • Fault self-diagnosis and protection
  • Automatic calibration of tube current
  • Infrared photoelectric switch for four-way table
  • X-ray tube has the function of filament dormancy
  • AEC function, different ionization chamber as optional
  • Analog – digital double – loop control, simple operation, high intelligence
  • High kV, high current, high power, strong penetration, able to handle obese patients


High Frequency Generator Functions Digital x-ray radigography, x-ray filter radiography, Bucky stand Radiography, ARP and AEC
Nominal electric power 50 kW
Tube volate 40kV~150kV
Tube current 10mA~630mA
Time 2ms~10s
mAs 0.1mAs~630mAs
Working frequency  ≥400kHz
Control panel LCD touch screen
X-ray Tube Max. Tube voltage 150kV
Focus Small focus: 0.6mm; Big focus: 1.2mm
Anode input power small focus 19kW, big focus 50kW
Target angle 12°
Anode RPM 2800rpm
Heat capacity 150kHU
Flat Panel Detector GOS & Csl
Size 35×43cm(14×17 inch)
Pixel 140μm
Pixel matrix 2560×3072
A/D conversion 16Bit
Radiography Table Size 2100mm×825mm×655mm (LxWxH)
Horizontal moving range ≥250mm
Lengthways moving range ≥825mm
Table top lock Electromagnetic lock, braking force≥100N, with pedal switch, flexible and convenient
With electric or manual control of mechanical movement, and there is automatic tracking alignment function with the x-ray tube and the detector
Grid size: ≥15″×18″;Grid focus distance: f0=100cm; Grid ratio: r=10 :1;Grid density: N=103Lines/Inch
Tube Column Secure and solid structure
Column rotation ≥±180°
Moving range along the table ≥1575mm, can be locked at any point
Tube moving up & down 930mm±10mm, an be locked at any point
Tube rotation ≥±180°
Max. Distance from tube focus to film ≥1200mm
Bucky Stand Up & Down moving range ≥1200mm
At max. Height, the distance between the floor and the box center is ≥1500 mm
Grid size: 18×18″;Grid focus: f0=180cm;Grid ratio: r=10 :1;Grid density: N=103Lines/Inch
Collimator Flexible and convenient to operate, and any rectangle radiography field size is available.

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