High Frequency Digital Radiography HDR50-U system


  • Fault self-diagnosis and protection
  • Automatic calibration of tube current
  • X-ray tube has the function of filament dormancy
  • AEC function, different ionization chamber as optional
  • Analog – digital double – loop control, simple operation, high intelligence
  • High kV, high current, high power,strong penetration,able to handle obese patients


(include console)
Output Power 50KW
Power Voltage 380V±38V
kV range 40~150kV
mA range 10~630mA
mAs range 0.1 ~630mAs
Exposure time 0.002~6.3S
X-ray Tube Small focus 0.6
Large focus 1.2
Collimator Inherent filtration 1.0mm Al /75kV
Light Source LED
Radiographic Table Top Table Size 2020mmX690mmX680mm
Load-bearing Less than 200kg
Movement Wheels
DR Machine Frame Up&Down Moving Range 700mm ~ 1700mm
Rotating Range 0°~ 105°
SID 1000mm ~ 1800mm
Wire Flat Panel Detector Size 17X17inch
Scintillator CSI
Pixels 3072*3072
Resolution 3.6
AD Conversion 16
Computer& LCD CPU ≥2.8GHz
Memory ≥4GB
Disk Capacity ≥1T
Medical LCD 23inch

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