Medical Diagnostic X- ray HX300BZ Unit

Product Description:

  • Single bed with single bulb
  • High visual and operational Console with tube voltage,tube current, and photographic time displayed on the LCD monitor
  • Prestore 8 kinds of photograph parameters and select, modify,store the parameters under condition of choice
  • Auto power and voltage control,kV continuous adjustable ,auto Fault Alarm
  • Premier high voltage with high power SCR zero control circuit
  • X-ray subassemblies is equipped with Tangential-pipe kits
  • Photograph bed, column, vibration filter limiter intergrated equipment without necessity of up-and-down tunnel
  • Photography bed can be moved both laterally and vertically, column can turn 4*90°
  • Function of load chains, exposure time control, start and stop rotating mode, Preheat filament, subassembly temperature control, etc.


Product Name Stationary X-ray System
Model number HX300BZ
Power Source Power Source
Warranty 1 Year
Place of Origin Jiangsu,China
Brand Healicom
After-sale Service Online Technical Support
Material Metal, Steel, Resin
Voltage frequency 380V/220V±10 50Hz±0.5Hz
Internal resistance 380V:0.75Ω, 220V:0.25Ω
Voltage 50-120kV
Max DC output voltage 120kV
Max DC output current 300mA

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