Mobile X-ray HX-100BY Machine

HX-100BY type medical diagnostic x-ray machine is a mobile x-ray machine professionally used for x-ray photograph for various medical institutions. X-ay machine can be moved near to sickbed, operating table, stretcher, etc. The photograph diagnosis can also be taken at home or the outdoors. It is an ideal diagnostic equipment for both medical staff and Heavy jing patients. X-ray machine is equipped with full-wave rectification combined type tube assembly. High-pressure silicon full-wave rectification technology is adopted in the tube assembly to improve x-ray tube’s efficiency. There are 3 factors capacity interlock control system: kilovoltage (kV), milliampere (mA) and time(s).It is with overloading indicator, loading prepare indicator & the protection circuit of excessive voltage & insufficient voltage, controlled silicon zero passage circuit adopted for high-voltage primary output, interval loading break time, thus the tube assembly won’t be damaged by mis-operation. Cable manual switch exposure or wireless remote control emitter exposure can be chosed according to requirements. There is acousto-optic indicator when radiant exposure which provide convenience for patients & medical personnel. There are two options of panels for this machine.



Product Name Medical X-ray Equipments
Model Number HX-100BY
Power supply 180-240 V
Internal resistivity <1.0Ω
Voltage 50-90 kV
Current 16mA 32mA 63mA 100mA
Time 0.08s ~6.3s
X-ray tube focus 4.3mmX4.3mm
Maximum remote control distance 7m
Maximum height of focal spot from floor >1775 mm
Columns turning angle Columns turning angle

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