Portable High Frequency X-ray HFX-04 Machine

Product Description

The 4KW portable digital high frequency X-ray system is mainly suitable for extremities
check, especially for rescues or diagnosis in Field operation sites, battlefields, stadiums, etc.


  • Deft and concise
  • 6 periods of digital LED display
  • 48 kinds of presupposed anatomy memory model choices
  • Accuracy control method of simulation and digital double loop
  • High precision control of tube voltage, tube current
  • Failure self-protection, self-diagnosis


Model HFX-04
Input power Voltage: AC220V±22V Frequency: 50/60Hz±1Hz
Maximum output power P =110kV×36mA=4kW
Nominal power 100kV,40mA,0.1s,4kW
kV adjusting range 40kV~110kV,Continuous adjustment step 1 kV
mA adjusting range 36mA~60mA
mAs adjusting range 1mAs-200mAs, Shifted adjustment
s  adjusting range 0.04s~3.2s
X-ray tube Brand:Toshiba  Focus :0.6/1.5mm;

Anode heat capacity:76kHU

X-ray machine size 290×260×230mm
Weight 18.8kg
Accessory Standard:hand switch,remote control,

suitcase,machine frame(Optional)


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