Portable High Frequency X-ray HFX-05 Machine

The 5 kW digital portable high frequency x ray machine for medical diagnosis, use for human limbs checking, diagnosing, especially used in the wild flow places, battlefield, playground, pet clinic, rescue diagnosis etc.


  • Deft and concise
  • 6 periods of digital LED display
  • 48 kinds of presupposed anatomy memory pattern choices
  • Accuracy control method of simulation and double digital loops
  • High precision control of tube voltage, tube current
  • Failure self-protection, self-diagnosis


Model HFX-05
Input power
Voltage: AC220V±22V  Frequency: 50/60Hz±1Hz
Power capacity: ≥5kVA; Inner resistance≤0.5Ω
Maximum output power P = 110kV×50mA = 5kW
Nominal power 50kV, 100mA, 0.1s, 5kW
kV adjusting range 40kV~110kV, step adjustment 1 kV
mA adjusting range 20mA~100mA
mAs adjusting range 0.2mAs-200mAs,shifted adjustment
Exposure time 0.01S~4S
X-ray tube Focus:0.6/1.8mm;
Anode heating capacity:40KJ
X-ray machine size 290×260×230mm
Weight 18.8kg

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