Radiology Vertical Bucky HX-172 Stand


  • Function: It’s suitable for radiographic inspection of the human head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts and It is suitable for different sizes of cassettes, CR IP boards and DR flat panel detectors
  • Main technical parameters
  • The maximum travel: 1100 mm;
  • The slot width is suitable for boards with a thickness <28mm
  • Film box size: 5× 7”-17 × 17”;
  • X-ray grid
  • Grid density: 40 lines / cm;
  • Grid ratio: 10: 1;
  • Convergence distance: 180 cm
  • The film box is the right way


Application wall bucky stand radiology
Exposure Part thorax, spine, abdomen and pelvic
Brake Manual
UP Down Travel Distance 1100mm
Max X Ray Radiology Film Size 43cmx43cm (17″x17″)
Suitable CR cassette, film cassette, Wireless DR
Grid Option
Grid Density 40 lines/ cm
Grid Ratio 10:1
Focusing Distance 180cm
Product Keywords xray xray used xray equipment xray equipment

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