X-ray Flat Panel Detector Mars 1417V Wired

Mars 1417V is a smart 14×17 inch wireless, cassette-sized FPD for radiographic imaging. It features reliable AED, dependable wireless performance, and a long battery life. The Mars 1417V supports a fast work flow, and is the optimal choice for both retrofit and new DR system solutions.


  • Dual band (2.4 and 5 GHz) wireless support with easy sharing
  • Long battery life and smart workflow
  • Direct deposition Csl for better image quality with lower dose
  • Wireless cassette detector per ISO 4090, fits in bucky
  • 150 um pixel pitch, with 16 bit ADC for more image details
  • Stable iSync+ Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)


Detector Technology Amorphous Silicon
Scintillator Csl
Active Area (mm2) 346 x 420
Pixel Matrix 2304 x 2800
Pixel Pitch (um) 150
Spatial Resolution (lp/mm) 3.4
AD Conversion (bit) 16
Battery Autonomy (h) 5
WIFI 2.4G and 5G, IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Trigger Mode AED (Optional) 1 Software
Full Image Time (s) Typ.5
Dimensions (mm) 384 x 460x 15
Weight (kg) 3.6
Static Loading 150kg Uniformly
Ingress Protection IPX1
Operating Temperature (°C) 5~35
Storage & Transport Temperature with Package (ºC) -20 ~ 55
Operating Humidity (% RH) 10 ~ 90 (Non-Condensing)
Storage & Transport Humidity with Package (% RH) 5 ~ 95 (Non-Condensing)

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