X-ray Radiography HX20R-A System

Applicable to orthopedics, emergency room, operating room, etc.
As human head, limbs, chest, spine, lumbar spine for medical diagnosis


  • Rich DR upgrade reserve interface
  • Fault self-diagnosis and protection
  • Automatic calibration of tube current
  • X-ray tube has the function of filament dormancy
  • AEC function, different ionization chamber as optional
  • Analog – digital double – loop control, simple operation, high intelligence
  • High kV, high current, high power, strong penetration, able to handle obese patients


(include console)
Output Power 20KW
Power Voltage 380V±38V/220V±22V
kV range 40~125kV
mA range 10~200mA
mAs range 0.5 ~320mAs
Exposure time 0.002~6.3S
X-ray tube Anode Heat Storage Capacity 140kHU
Small focus 1.0
Large focus 2.0
Anode speed 2700r/min
Collimator Inherent filtration 1.0mm Al /75kV
Light Source LED
Radiographic Table Top Table Size 2100X800X650mm
Bucky Size 18X18inch
Table longitudinal movement ≥900mm
Cassette Movement Distance ≥500mm
Vertical Chest stand Vertical moving range ≥1200mm
Bucky Size 18X18inch
Double Grid Size 18X18inch
Ratio 1:1
F.D. 100cm
Density 40 L/cm

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